Hello,I am Qingyang

    Glad to share my ideas and works with you.


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  • Hand-writing Clock

    This microbot erases and writes the current time for every minute

    This is an Arduino project named plotclock, with two robotic arms holding a marker pen and controlling pen cap with sponge as an eraser.


    I transformed and adjusted it with great enthusiasm. It takes a lof of time to measure the distances and adjust the parameters of the robotic arms, and to try different materials in order to perfectly erase the handwriting. I also fixed the lifting arm several times with copper wires to reduce jitter. Hope you like this not-so-smart little robot.



  • Using an Arduino NANO as mainboard and a Tiny RTC as clock module.

    The robotic arm has three degrees of freedom: The angles of the left and right rocker arms are converted into two-dimensional coordinates on the whiteboard through triangular calculation, and a lifting arm is in control of the distance between the pen tip and the whiteboard.

  • 3D Diamond Renderer


    A 3D graphics rendering engine developed with C++ and OpenGL for Computer Graphics final project, with a ray tracing pipline that allowed control of different diamond cut and customization of various optical properties to simulate countless types of materials and create a nice visual effect.
  • The beauty of a diamond lies in the high refractive index of its material and its delicate cut. To simulate the behaviour of light rays as they go through the diamond, I extended Phong Illumination model with refraction, dispersion, inter-object reflection, total internal reflection, specular highlights, shadow simulation and light attenuation.
    Besides, we also created a skybox with UV texture mapping to interact with reflection and refraction ray. Applied up-sampling for anti-aliasing and post-processing filters to create a sparkle effect of diamonds.
    For efficiency optimization, a KD-tree structure and Multi-threading are applied specifically to handle diamond meshes.

    For the code, visit https://github.com/GuardianWang/Diamond3D

  • The Cloud

    An Android application for weather forecast

    This is a neat and cute Android app for weather forecasts, the first work I did when I started learning Android development in 2018. Although the technology it used is now somewhat outdated, It did provide some good Android practices and design guidelines. To be put into practical use, for example, user settings should still be saved even after the app is killed. I also made adaptations for different sizes of mobile and tablet screens.


    I invited a few of my friends to install my app on their phones, asked for their feedback, and then made some improvements. Now, I feel at ease when checking the weather forecast on the Cloud every morning. And my friends also find it nice-looking, comfortable to use and user-friendly without annoying ads.

  • UI

    To design a new page for our university website

    Official website of CSU

    The page of our university website had remained the same style since it was established ten years ago. As it grows, it becomes unwieldly. It is sometimes troublesome when students get lost in a stack of links, and it is not beautiful in design. It's time to discard the outdated designs.

    Renovation design

    I redesigned the user interface without any deletion of contents. During my investigation of a great deal of university websites, I find it interesting that many of these good designs can leave unique visual impression on visitors, which get them to know about some personalities of its owner. A succint layout reflects the idea of efficiency first, while a patchwork may look more artistic. And my design is trying to impress people with nimbleness and grace.

  • Music

    Eastern or western, traditional or modern... Music is music!

    During the epidemic in 2020, we held a virtual concert at the graduation...

    This song in the video is named Immortal Sound Above Cloud Palace, which is the opening song of Journey to the West, a popular Chinese television series adapted from the classic 16th-century novel of the same title. This performance has aroused enthusiatic response from students.


    It is fascinating for me to witness the unification of a Modern Chinese orchestra, which is composed of traditional instruments with totally different origins. For example, while Erhu(The instrument I was playing) has long been popular in folk, performed in opera, Guzheng was mainly for aristocratic entertainment, and Gu(Chinese Drum) was firstly used as sacrificial apparatus. Suprisingly, they can cooperate perfectly. As a player of our university's orchestra, I have not only experienced the unique charm of different musical instruments, but also enjoyed the harmony and fineness of their integration.

  • Teapot

    A purple clay teapot I've designed and made by hand

    After firing

    Shaping the body

  • The inspiration originates from lotus

    I designed a unique look for my teapot. There are a pond of lotuses near my home, and when I walked by, I consider that the shape of the bud would make it comfortable for people to lift the lid. In addition, lotus is often considered a symbol of peace and purity, and incorporating objects from nature into their crafts is a common way of our ancestors to express their complex spiritual pursuit.

    Moreover, it is all handmade, instead of using a mold. I‘ve learnd multiple techniques in order to make the clay into various shapes, and all the tasks are very demanding of skills and patience. For example, in order to make the pot body, I have to first surround the mud tablet into a column shape, and then tap the upper end while rotating, gradually turning it into an arc shape. If I am not rotating it at a constant speed or the tapping force is not appropriate, the teapot will deform quickly.

    The technique of making handmade clay teapot is a kind of traditional cultural heritages. I feel it meaningful to inherit and impart the art of traditional handicraft, because in this way we can learn a lot about the memories and great wisdom of our ancestors.

  • About me

    Love fanciful ideas, while more excited about turning ideas into reality

    I am currently a Master student at Brown University, majoring in Computer Science. Throughout my study and practical life, I have always paid attention to reserving knowledge and cultivating hands-on ability, preparing myself for exploring in new areas.